How does your Dining set make you feel?

I have had mine for over 25 years, We paid a little more than we could afford at the time, but have enjoyed it so much.  It has been a great investment, especially when our family get’s together.  We also got chairs with the table that has worn very well with 5 sons and 4 daughters.  I must say, I never had to buy it over and over again. Feel good Kitchen dining enjoy family

We meet at the table up to three times a day as a family or as gathering place.  This needs to be a place you can relax and enjoy each other without complications of seating, table space or lack thereof.  When you look for a dining set that will help you to feel great for years to come, ask yourself a few questions.

#1 How many persons will I ever want at the table 4, 6, 10 more?

#2 How big is my dining area?  (Measure it before you come to shop)

#3 Take a look at the back of any chair you are thinking about buying, you look at the back of the chair much more than the front of the chair.

#4 Do I want a cushion, cloth, leather or a wood seat?  What are the advantages and disadvantages to all of them?

#5 With the choices of woods and stains available, what will match best with my decor’?

#6 The last is how long to I want this dining set?  5 years, 40 years, do I want to keep this or eventually give it to my children?

Once you know the answers to some of these questions, you will be ready for some honest advise from us here are Oak Furniture Warehouse.