Shaker Style Furniture

 Is Shaker style furniture for you?

The Shakers were a dissident Protestant off shoot of the Quakers. The original group in England was known as the Shaking Quakers. The shakers first moved to North America in 1774.  A group of five men and three women emigrated to the United States from England.  Shaker furniture reflected the ideal that; form should follow function. That making of something of quality was an act of worship. This furniture relies on high quality materials and minimal decoration. All elements of this furniture are functional, with almost no decorative inlays or moldings.  It is also a great part of the Mission and Craftsman Style furniture movements.

The legs on this furniture may be thin and beveled.  It normally is elevated up off the floor and has a distinct feeling of an being lighter looking. Unlike Mission style furniture, which looks and is build very sturdy and beefy looking.  Although they were both designed and build during the same time period.  Today it is included as a part of Craftsman Style furniture, but has it’s own unique design. 

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