Delivery Options


Delivery TruckDelivery Service is Accomplished by a Professional Company.  You pay for their services on a separate transaction, with them. 

Set up is an additional depending on the complexity of the furniture.  Outside of 300 miles will be quoted on a case by case basis.  Again, these charges are not paid to USA Furniture & Leather. We do not have any affiliation with this company or any other delivery service you may choose to deliver.  Customers can pick up the furniture them selves or hire any other delivery service as they choose.  It has no bearing on the great prices and services we offer at the store.

Thank You

The Store Crew and Family

 Recommended from us is “Top Line” delivery services throughout the United States.  This is set up between our customer and “Top Line Delivery Services”.  They have been serving our customers for years.  We also have several other delivery services available.