Retro Style in Portland Oregon

Is Retro style furniture right for you?

Retro furniture is characterized in general by smooth and curvy lines, and use of a variety of fabrics and new materials for that time such as Formica, lightweight aluminum and fiberglass. However wood elements never left the scene certain grains still being used throughout this period of man-made materials.

This fashionable furniture in general has always returned in waves and in parts throughout the decades, whether it was the platform shoes of the middle nineties or hairstyles at the beginning of the new millennium. Now it’s about retro furniture, home decor, influences in modern furniture pieces.  It has a taste of modern and contemporary.  That means is may be considered a transitional furniture, but not in the real since of the word.   Popular in the 50’s this Chrome and accented design will blow any style out of the water when it comes to making an impression in loudness.Retro Portland Furntiure  Retro Portland Furntiure  retro Portland Furniture