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Family Owned & operated since 1995. For over 20 years we were known as “Oak Furniture Warehouse” in January of 2018 changed our name to “USA Furniture – Leather” with over 50,000 customers our Furniture selection has changed over the years, in every style, wood and finish. We have made it easy to look & find the furniture you like. Our All- Top Grain Leather Furniture is the real deal, only American made, with each leather frame, fabric is an option as well. All top grain leather with over 175 choices. We will never be undersold on any advertised item. Be assured your getting the best price, right here. Many of the factories we work with build custom furniture to fit the specific size you need at reasonable prices.

We do offer some imported furniture (less than 2%), But our focus is American Made Product (98%) after all, it is a world market. However, we believe that America makes the finest built furniture in the world. With American Made Furniture you have choices with finish, size, woods (Hickory, Elm wood, Maple, Pine, Oak, Cherry & more) we won’t ever disappoint you, with our selection or price!

When so much furniture is built to be disposable in a year or so, we offer the good stuff, the real deal.  Like our name implies, we have the best selection of strong, durable, stylish furniture in the Northwest. Today, we have so much more than Oak.  We offer the largest Supply of Sheesham or Indian rosewood than any other store in Oregon or Washington. We stock a fine selection of “Lifetime Warranted Amish Built Furniture”.  Available in 5 different woods, and so much more, see it all for yourself. Today!

“NEWS FLASH”  Authorized Dealer of the only USA Made Massage chair Luraco!