Modern Style Furniture

Is Modern style right for you?

Modern Style Furniture is comfortable, affordable, and stylish to match.  Often used synonymously with contemporary design.  Modern styles, are a matter of tastes. Technically speaking, the phrase Modern Furniture refers to furniture from the latter half of the 20th century.  A close view of this kind of furniture tells us that the designers of this style of furnishings began to manufacture it in the 50s and 60s.  This type of furniture is quite experimental in nature use of curvilinear shapes, integrated modular elements and muted soft color schemes is common.  It is very different from the more traditional rounds, squares and rectangles.

When looking for this style, don’t get caught up in the design, but more the functionality and usefulness.  Modern furniture is suppose to be easy & effective.

If you are looking for smooth sides, rounded corners, little or no hardware, this could be your ticket.  Normally any finish or color can look good in this style.  Wood and plastic can be used, accents are normally abstract, or very plain.  Raised panels, carved or crown molding is not modern in style.

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