Is Quality worth the Price?

I wish there was an easy answer to this question.  That depends on how long you want the product to last.  Considering that most of us try to get by with what we have, or make do and pick up things you need at the least possible price.  Those of us who buy quality products normally will only buy it once.  It is not only the price, but total cost to us in the long run.  In this case we are talking about furniture.  When I was a young man I had lounge chairs we used in my dining room with a sheet of 3/4″ particleboard we cut to be round.  We nailed to a  pedestal of thirty 2×4’s nailed in a circle.  After putting 2 blocks of wood in the middle of the table, it fit into the pedestal nicely, and created our first dining table.  We use this for several months, it cost about $150 to make including the material I used to make two cylinder chairs that matched the table base.  They lasted about the same amount of time.  Our next table was bought at a second-hand store $775.  It lasted two years, and the chairs that came with the second hand table pooped out within the year.  Frankly,  we got tired of constantly having to replace broken down furniture.

We went to a solid furniture store, only looked at American made goods, and bought our first Real table.  We also bought 6 chairs.  That was in 1983, we still have that set today.  We have raised five boys and four girls and now have 11 grandchildren.  If you ask me today “Is quality worth the price” I would say absolutely yes, because in the long run, it “cost” less.   And to be honest, I don’t remember what we paid for my real table and chair set. I just know I have not had to replace broken furniture since.

So where possible I buy Quality Products, especially furniture, cars, appliances etc.  They will last longer, perform better, cost less and make you happier than poor import quality products.  Not all imports are poor quality, don’t get me wrong.  But when it comes to furniture.  I have found they make some of the best furniture in the world right here in the USA.  When we got the Products originally, we were Lucky to get them, the rest of our furniture was bought a piece at a time as we could afford it.  We’ve never regretted our decision, neither has our family.

my first table

(What my first table kinda looked like, but it had particleboard instead of wood top)